At Yogita Yoga Boutique we offer a variety of classes suitable to all levels. If this is your first class or if you have an established practice we've got you covered. We are excited to share our beautiful space with you.

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The perfect class for a student who is new to yoga or for one who is looking to return to the basics. Connect to body awareness with a gentle warm up, then moving into a class focused on creating a strong foundation for your yoga practice by targeting safe alignment in basic yoga postures with modifications and awareness of the Breath.

Yoga Class


This class is for yogi’s who have some knowledge of yoga poses and are ready to move with the flow of the breath. Slow Flow connects movement of the body with the flow of your breath through vinyasa. We will break down sun salutations and vinyasa practices with modifications, ending the class with a breath awareness relaxation or meditation.



"Yoga will meet you where you are" 

This is exactly the theme for this class. This is a well rounded yoga practice for all. Modifications and Amplifications will be given, keeping alignment and safety at the for front of this class. Come and listen to your body, breathe, and make it your practice. We will end with a short meditation. 



Yin Yoga is a slower paced practice with passive poses held for 3-5 minutes to release connective tissue. It stimulates joints and muscle groups to increase the range of motion in the body. In this practice you will slow down and connect the mind to the body and breathe.



Buti Yoga is a dynamic asana practice fused with primal movement, tribal dance, plyometrics and deep core engagement. This class is all levels but it is recommended to have some knowledge of yoga postures.  “Buti” is an Marathi Indian word that means “the cure that has been hidden or kept secret”. This practice teaches students to go within to find the cure for whatever is holding them back. Bring water and a towel, you will sweat. Explicit language may be in the playlist. 

Fun at Yoga


Buti Lite offers all of the elements of a Buti Yoga class with a lower impact focus. Playlists may include the Oldies. This Class is all levels but it is recommended to have some knowledge of yoga postures.



This class is for all levels, all ages, all physical conditions. You can explore and enjoy the benefits of yoga without having to get up and down off the floor. This is a gentle form of yoga. You will practice yoga sitting in a chair or standing using the chair for support. You will learn many yoga postures, breathing techniques, meditation and ways of relaxation with the aid of a chair.

Gyan Mudra

Gentle Yoga 

This slow paced introspective practice focuses on increasing joint mobility and passive stretching. Appropriate for all levels, gentle yoga is especially useful for those returning to activity following absence, injury or illness as well as providing a beneficial cool down for athletes post workout. Mindful movement and breathing promotes a supple body and a calm mind. Reduce stress, improve mental focus and increase flexibility and balance with gentle yoga. 


Vinyasa Vibes 

Experience a Yoga flow class with upbeat music. You will flow with the breath and sometimes the beat. This is a flow class with fluid transitions and strength building holds. Some yoga experience suggested. 

Child's Pose


One of the definitions for Vintage is: Characterized by excellence, maturity, and enduring appeal; a classic! Vintage Vinyasa is an energetic yoga class with vintage music from the 60’s through the 90’s. The music combined with yoga helps the mind and body unwind into the yoga practice. All level yogis are welcome.