• Sidnie Sharp

January 2021

Happy New Year Yogis!

First we just want to say thank you, we appreciate you helping us grow Yogita Yoga Boutique. We aspire to be your yoga home.

Your practice your way!

Commit to your practice this year in a way that works for you.

We offer virtual classes, in studio classes, private sessions, semi private sessions, and group private sessions. Lets get on the mat together in a safe comfortable environment, whether that is in the comfort of your home or here at the studio.

Have an event? Give us a call so we can provide a safe and social distanced class 239-908-3572.

January Schedule Update

With the new year we have new teachers and new classes on the schedule. We are happy to welcome Tasha Schenck, Stacy Laufer, and Donna Silvia Miller to the schedule.

Schedule Changes: Monday 8:00AM Slow Flow will now be taught by Joyce Sharp

Monday 9:15AM Basics will now be taught by Stacy Laufer Tuesday 10:30AM Basics will now be taught by Tasha Schenck

Thursday 8:00AM Power will now be taught by Tasha Schenck

Thursday 5:00PM Will be All Levels Yoga With Donna Silvia Miller

New Class:

Wednesday 10:30AM will be Yoga Movement with Music taught by Linda Hutzler

Experience yoga movement driven by music. Yoga asana will be incorporated throughout the class to an upbeat playlist. Fluid transitions inspired by the beat, focus on core stability and strength building. Yoga + music + core = a fun sweaty class. Some yoga experience suggested, modifications given.

Safe and Sanitized

We are being mindful and complying with CDC guidelines. Due to the social distancing restrictions we will have limited class sizes. Please book in advance and cancel no later than 30 minutes prior to class if you are unable to attend.

Thank you for wearing your mask to your mat. It is up to you if you practice with a mask or without. With consideration for the safety and peace of mind of others we are requesting you wear your mask when you leave your mat.

We have marked the studio so spaces are 6 feet apart. Props are available to purchase and we recommend bringing your own. If purchasing your own is not possible for you at this time we do have sanitized props to lend. Thank you for using the hand sanitizer available by the prop shelf.

As always pease feel free to contact us if you have any questions or feedback. joyce@yogitayogaboutique


May the year 2021 be all that you desire. See you on your mat.


Joyce and Sidnie

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