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Hi friends,

Welcome to Yogita Yoga Boutique’s first blog post. Sidnie mentioned to me today that we should have a blog on our website, and I replied what is a blog? After reading a few definitions of a blog this is my attempt to participate. When Sid and I decided we were going to open our yoga studio and boutique we brainstormed for a name for sometime. I believe it was Sid who asked about the sanskrit word for connection. Long story short this is how we came up with “Yogita”.

“Connection is the Cure” is a tagline we use in our studio and in our marketing. Connection is human nature. We need connection to survive in this ever changing world. Connection to family, friends, like minded people, and community. In Yoga we connect the mind, body and breath as we flow through our asana practice. Connection to an energy higher than ourselves is something we can develop through meditation. Here at Yogita Yoga boutique I hope we bring more connection into the lives of all who join us.

My yoga practice is a big part of my life. My practice includes asana (Physical practice) mediation, spiritual, self study, and just trying to be the best I can. I slip up often but now I recognize it much faster and get back on track. Yoga has made me a better person and I love to share it with others. Guiding Yoga classes is a big part of my purpose in this life. I’m grateful to be able to connect with you in this way.

I'm going to be vulnerable here for a bit. So being a single woman of a certain age I find myself alone a lot. Sometimes I’m alone and sometimes I’m lonely. There is a big difference. Connection is the cure for loneliness. The only cure that I know of. Connecting to nature by going for a walk, getting on my mat and connecting my mind, breath and body, or picking up the phone texting a friend or actually calling a friend or family member, and sometimes you have to hit your knees or meditation seat and ask for help from the higher source to know that you are never alone. My hope is at Yogita Yoga Boutique we can grow a community where we can connect with each other and form a community of like minded souls just trying to be the best we can be. Connection is the Cure!

Look for an uplifting inspirational book club beginning 2021.

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