Joyce Sharp

Owner, Manager, Yoga Instructor

RYT 500 Hr

Connection Coalition Certified

Y12SR Certified

Buti Yoga Certified

Chair Yoga Certified

Yin and Facia release Certified

The World Groove Movement Facilitator

My yoga journey began in Early 2009, and like most of us I began my yoga practice for the physical benefits. I wanted to be more flexible, stronger and toned. I discovered very quickly it was much more than just a physical practice. I noticed a profound difference in all aspects of my life. Not only did I feel better physically I began to notice the spiritual and emotional benefits yoga was effecting in my daily life. I was hooked! My yoga practice became a tool helping me to cope with challenging changes in my life and the daily stresses and struggles of this human journey. I noticed a profound shift as my body became stronger, my mind became calmer and I became more in touch with my personal spirit.  I love to share my knowledge and the tools of yoga with others, and I’m very excited to be opening up a yoga studio with my best friend and daughter. I hope you join us. 


Sidnie Sharp

Owner, Manager, Yoga Instructor

RYT 500
Buti Yoga Certified 
Yin Yoga Certified 

My yoga journey began in 2017 with the influence of my mother. I started yoga for the physical benefits which quickly turned much deeper. It became more of a lifestyle than a workout. This practice has transformed my life for the better, it has made me more aware of this mind and the body, it has made me aware of the connection we have to everything, it has given me so much.  Teaching is in my nature, I went to school to be an elementary school teacher, with that being said I am always a student first. I got my yoga teacher certification in the summer of 2019. I received my 500hr certification with the Himalayan Institute in 2021. This studio has been a dream of mine. I am so excited to be living out my dream with my mother along side. 

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JoAnn Ralph

Yoga Instructor 


20 Hour Chair Yoga Teacher Certification 

50 Hour Yin Yoga Teacher Certification 

My first exposure to yoga was in New Jersey in the 1990s but life and career took me away for 20+ years, returning to a regular yoga practice in 2016. After retiring from my 40+ year insurance/business management career, I wanted to learn more about the science of yoga, the mind/body connection and anatomy so that I could safely ease the effects from age, inactivity and work stresses. Through the depth of information provided in the Teacher Training program I realized I have a strong desire to share what I know with others. Since May 2018 I have taught various yoga classes and workshops at Yoga Studios and have also taught classes at local community centers and for support groups. It is inspiring to introduce people of all abilities to the benefits of Yoga, Breath work and Relaxation techniques as they realize anyone can experience increased mobility, stability, flexibility, and balance physically and mentally. This is especially so in the CHAIR YOGA and YIN YOGA classes that I teach. I look forward to meeting you and sharing our experiences.

Lokah samastah sukhino bhavantu

“May all beings everywhere be free and happy”.

May our thoughts, words and actions contribute in some way to that happiness and freedom for all.


Natalie Henne

Yoga Instructor 

RYT 200

RYT 250

Buit Yoga Certified 

Yin and Fascia Release Certified 

Qigong Instructor 


Marti Dowman

Yoga Instructor 



Stacy Laufer

Yoga Instructor 

RYT 200

Yin & Fascia Release Certified

Kids Yoga Certified

Connection Coalition Certified 


Tasha Schenck

Yoga Instructor 

RYT 200


I have always been athletic and grew up on competitive swim teams. Naturally, being around pools, I started teaching water fitness as soon as I was able to work. This lead to many more land and water based group fitness teaching opportunities and certifications. 

When I craved being a student and needed to be replenished, I started attending yoga classes. Once I saw the magic of yoga I immediately wanted to teach and got certified in 2015. Yoga has helped me through many challenges in my life and I credit the practice with giving me the ability to ride out any storm. I want to share the benefits of yoga with the community and fulfill my Dharma as a teacher. 


Julie Jeronimus

Yoga Instructor 

200 Hour YTT

Rieiki Master Practitioner

MS Specific Learning Disabilities

BS Special Education/Elementary Education


I have been a student of yoga for over 30 years and a certified yoga teacher since 2010. I have taught at a quaint little studio called Yoga Boody, where I also taught Yoga for Golfers, and the beautiful Happehatchee Center in Estero. I have voluntarily taught yoga, meditation and breathing techniques at Pace Center for Girls, the Juvenile Detention Center for Girls, and to education majors at FGCU. I enjoy traditional Hatha yoga and am a big fan of Kundalini. I'm a Reiki Master Practitioner and have shared this powerful healing practice with many people. Besides being a yoga teacher, I am a special education teacher who is currently teaching virtually. I have always incorporated yoga and meditation at school to calm and balance my students and started calming and balancing fellow teachers in 2004. Through my years of yoga practice and teaching I have found both strength and peace which I strive to pass along to my yoga students.


Amey Williams

Yoga Instructor 

RYT 200 Hour 

RYT 300 Hour

Teaching is my purpose. I taught high school English for 30 years in Florida and during that time, a friend  of mine reintroduced me to yoga and I haven’t looked back. In 2013, I completed my RYT 200 Teacher  Training and continued on to complete my 300 hour certification this past year as well. Yoga has become  an integral part of my life; it is my church, my personal empowerment and yoga was able to meet me  right where I am. Let yoga meet you right where YOU are. 



Beth Cifonelli

Yoga Instructor 

Yin yoga - The Functional Approach with Paul Grilley
Chair Yoga
RYT 200
RYT 300 advanced studies
Registered Nurse.